Andries Motau

Andries Motau is a Ph.D. student with the African Climate and Development Initiative and the Minerals to Metals group at the University of Cape Town. He is also a researcher and facilitator at the Centre for Civil Society at the University Kwazulu-Natal; where he facilitates screenings for DocLove on Activism and Human Rights.

Andries is passionate about creating inclusive communities and this has shaped his line of study. His Ph.D. study is primarily focused on analyzing the conflicting perspectives in the Global South Just Transition movement using the Mpumalanga coal region as a case study. His research interests are on climate change, climate justice, circular economies, civil society, and natural disasters.

QES Project: Exploring the tensions within and role of civil society in the just and fair transition to a climate-resilient and low carbon economy, through a case study of the Mpumalanga coal fields in South Africa