Dr. Allan Yu speaks at York University about citizen science, adaptation and climate change in islands and coastal zones -- Brazil and Chile

Dr. Allan Iwamu Yu, a post-doctoral researcher at the Universidad de Los Lagos (CEDER-ULAGOS) in Chile, spoke today about his QES-AS project to an intimate audience at the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University.

The event's attendees discuss climate change challenges in South America and beyond


Dr. Yu spoke about action-research using citizen science to integrate local and scientific knowledge through participatory GIS in responding to climate change challenges in two Indigenous and traditional communities: the Chiloé Archipelago and interior sea in South Chile (‘comunas’ de Dalcahue and Quellón in Chiloé, Maullín in Llanquihue and Caleta El Manzano in Hualaihué) and the southeast coast of Brazil (Caraguatatuba, Ubatuba, in São Paulo and Paraty in Rio de Janeiro).

Dr. Allan Iwama Yu and his audience pose for a photo at the end of his talk